what’s in your data?

We offer a complete data quality solution.

Our solution is low cost and does not require consulting services to operate.

  • Eliminates the need for specialty data quality vendors and expensive solutions
  • All Data maps and Process maps are stored in an open shared repository, available to all team members . Business
  • Analyst, Project Managers, Developers, DBA’s etc…
  • Leverages the SQL Server 2005 developer environment and application architecture.

AMB Dataminers Inc. announces eCartography the first Predictive Data Management™ (PDM™ ) product written in Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005 C#, and also fully integrated into Microsoft’s SSIS 2005 SQL Server SSIS and using the .Net 2.0 Framework which can access most databases and file formats.

Steve Meister , AMB Dataminers President states “From a competitive perspective we believe our offering will provide Microsoft a decisive advantage over other RDBMS vendors in regards to integrated data profiling and data quality”


The up-front use of eCartography’s Predictive Data Management will pay for itself the very first time it discovers data values that don’t match your predetermined criteria. This cutting-edge technology is leaps and bounds beyond traditional solutions and available at a fraction of the cost of software that offers a fraction of PDM’s capability.